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We Appreciate Our Customers’ Feedback

By - Posted on August 14, 2014

Customer Feedback

We can’t say how much we appreciate it when you, our family of customers, take time out of your busy days to write us a note or two:

“I really do appreciate what you guys have done for my family and I,” said Wayne, an Omni Financial customer. “You guys have really helped us out of some tight spots. So thank you and continue being the best!”

Decades of experience and expertise in responsible military lending is reflected in all we do. We understand that like any civilian, service members have legitimate borrowing needs: a car that needs repair, an appliance that needs to be replaced, emergency travel costs, and other unanticipated financial needs and emergencies.  We understand that this is a fact of life that does not change simply because a person puts on his or her country’s uniform.

The cornerstone of our business is our customer service. The men and women who answer our phones and work at our branch locations are former members and advocates who care to treat service members like family. We are here to answer all our customers’ questions and provide you with loans that meet your specific needs and repayment plans that work within your individual budgets.

At Omni, we also understand that service members have unique circumstances surrounding their needs. And we understand that sometimes it is not easy to ask for financial assistance when unexpected needs come up.

Kenneth, a satisfied Omni Financial customer said, “Omni helped me receive extra funds when I really needed them to catch up on bills and when others wouldn’t approve me.”

One thing that differentiates Omni Financial from other military loan companies is that we are physically in the communities in which we serve. We have an opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face, hear their stories and help our military family in person at any of our 50 locations.

We also are able to assist people like Carlos, whose wife had health issues. “The loan representative was top notch in her customer service and knowledge,” Carlos said. “She was understanding about my wife’s illness and temporary handicap and made her feel comfortable when we were in the office. If there is more we could do to say thank you we will.”

Thank you, we appreciate you.

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