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How Omni Helps When No One Else Will

By - Posted on August 6, 2013

Omni In The Community

We understand that many service members have to deal with difficult financial situations from time-to-time. It can be a very frustrating situation when there is nowhere for these people to turn to except Omni, who treats customers as family members. As one of the leading providers of military loans, Omni Financial is dedicated to making sure that service members receive the help they need to ensure they navigate through difficult financial situations.

Service members have dealt with situations where they looked far and wide to find financial relief, only to be turned away, perhaps they requested too much money or had bad credit. We at Omni Financial recognize that these military families deserve the help they need. They turned to us for help because they have heard or have experienced how we truly understand their unique needs as a service member and will only create a financing plan that best meets their financial circumstances, without putting them in a deeper financial duress.

Faced with a desperate financial situation, unfortunately, some service members resort to lenders that are outside of the legal framework of being unlicensed and unregulated by consumer protection agencies. Omni Financial is a military installment loan provider for the military and have long operated within the legal framework, licensed and thoroughly compliant to state and federal regulations. As an installment lender, our focus is to rehabilitate poor credit and build wealth for the future. American Financial Services Association endorses installment lenders such as Omni Financial that plays an important role in providing this opportunity to service members.

Recognizing Omni’s Service

At Omni Financial, we treat service members like family. Omni has been lending to the military for over 63 years. Our customers have experienced Omni’s years of existence in the industry creating an expertise that is reflected in everything we do when helping our family members to get to a place where they are financially secure. Omni is an option our customers can trust when they need that financial guidance and assistance.

“Omni has been there for me always in my time of need,” said Andrea, an Omni Financial customer. “I have told friends, relatives and family members about your excellent staff and company.”

“Everyone I talked to was very professional and quick to respond to what I was asking for,” said Anthony, another satisfied Omni customer. “My loan was closed in less than 24 hours. This isn’t my first Omni loan and probably won’t be my last. Thank you.”

Of course, the above two happy customers  are just a small sample  of the long list of  satisfied customers using our product. To read more about what our customers have to say about how we helped them navigate out of their financial situations, and how we can help service members with their finances when no one else will, please visit We are staffed by former military personnel and military advocates who can help you every step of the way. Our team actually understands your financial needs and will create a specific financing plan that best meets your circumstances.

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