Offices Call


By - Posted on October 27, 2014

There are many ways a company can show its support for the men and women serving our country and Ofelia Webb, GM in Omni’s El Paso office, keeps finding them. On Friday, September 26th Ofelia joined with the Ft. Bliss MWR folks to sponsor one of the biggest events held on base. The event was called The BOSS Bash. This Boss (Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers) Bash is an annual event that affords single soldiers the opportunity to chill out and spend a few hours enjoying free music, food and drink thanks to the sponsorship dollars of Omni and others. Best estimates have the number of attendees at about 4,000. Besides sponsoring this event Ofelia was especially happy to personally meet a large number of service members and express to them Omni’s desire to be there for them in times of financial difficulties or simply to address a financial question or two. Supporting the soldiers of Ft. Bliss at this event and throughout the year is what Ofelia and Omni are all about.

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