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BOSS Council Meeting

By - Posted on September 27, 2014

Moving into the second half of 2014 Omni GM Wray Gilliam was happy to partner with Ft. Bragg FMWR to sponsor 4 BOSS Council Meetings. The first meeting was held on July 2nd . The remaining 3 meetings will be held on 8/6, 9/3 and in December on a date still to be determined. As BOSS (Better Opportunities For Single Soldiers) is an organization dedicated to helping the service member by arranging entertainment opportunities Omni saw this sponsorship as a great way to truly help the service members of Ft. Bragg while also being involved on the ground floor with the actual planning of possible entertainment opportunities. At the July 2nd meeting some of the possible opportunities discussed included a Soldier Show, A day at the amusement park entitled “Wild Water Warriors” and a skeet shooting competition. Omni will continue to work hand in hand with BOSS to make sure throughout the balance of 2014 that the service members of Ft. Bragg have plenty of things to do and places to go to help them relax.

August_2014_7Aug14BOSSmeeting_Fayetteville_NC_-image August_2014_7Aug14BOSSmeeting_Fayetteville_NC_-image1 August_2014_7Aug14BOSSmeeting_Fayetteville_NC_-image2 August_2014_7Aug14BOSSmeeting_Fayetteville_NC_-image3 August_2014_7Aug14BOSSmeeting_Fayetteville_NC_-image4 August_2014_7Aug14BOSSmeeting_Fayetteville_NC_-image5