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Fort Bragg Comedy All Stars 2016

By - Posted on September 12, 2016


It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, and Omni loves putting smiles on our servicemembers’ faces. which is why Omni is a proud sponsor of Comedy All-Stars on Fort Bragg.


The Sport USA club on Fort Bragg with filled with servicemembers and their families, lined up to take their seats and enjoy such an incredible show.


On July 14th was the first event. Comedians from all over the country attended the event, giving soldiers a night off to forget their worries and enjoy endless laughter. With such outstanding comedians such as Earthquake, Darren Brand, Marvin Hunter and Christopher Petty, how could we contain the laughter and joy.


Of course Omni held a Raffle at the event. Congratulations to our winner Kathryn.


The Second Comedy All Stars was held on August 18th and featured spectacular comedians such as Sheryl Underwood, Mike Washington, Kyle Erby and Christopher Petty.


Congratulations to Michelle our second raffle winner


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