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Ft. Carson Holiday Food Drive

Posted on November 1, 2012

For four weekends prior to Thanksgiving Ft. Carson is holding a Holiday Food Drive in front of its Commissary. As shoppers enter the Commissary they are given an Omni tote bag and asked to fill it with food for needy fellow soldiers. On leaving the Commissary these items are taken by volunteer workers and the shopper is thanked and leaves with an Omni tote. Week one saw over 700 totes filled. Omni totes will also be used to deliver over 200 meals to the needy soldiers and families of Ft. Carson for Thanksgiving. Omni GM Chuck Moneypenny was more than happy to supply 3,000 Omni totes and join several other organizations in this great program of “Giving Back.”

October_2012_Ft-Carson-Holiday-Food-Drive_Ft-Carson_CO_Image October_2012_Ft-Carson-Holiday-Food-Drive_Ft-Carson_CO_Image2

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