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And A Good Time Was Had By All

Posted on October 1, 2012

For two days beginning Friday, October 19th Omni helped sponsor the “waist expanding” Havelock Chili Cook-Off. Held at Havelock City Park about 2 miles from Cherry Point MCAS attendees enjoyed rides and games for kids and crash and fire rescue trucks from Cherry Point MCAS. Although our Havelock office is no longer serving the area, we were always happy to sponsor and participate at these local events to help the Marines and the community.

November_2012_Havelock_Chilli_Cook-Off_Havelock_CO_Image November_2012_Havelock_Chilli_Cook-Off_Havelock_CO_Image3 November_2012_Havelock_Chilli_Cook-Off_Havelock_CO_Image4 November_2012_Havelock_Chilli_Cook-Off_Havelock_CO_Image5

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