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Hood Howdy 2016

By - Posted on August 4, 2016


We are overjoyed to have participated in this year’s Hood Howdy on Fort Hood. This is an pivotal event for anyone new to the Killeen area. And Omni is here to welcome you all to the neighborhood


Hood Howdy connects servicemembers new to Fort Hood and the Killeen area to business and events around the neighborhood. Servicemembers fresh from a PCS move may feel overwhelmed with being in a new area and do not know where to start when looking for a specific service. That is where the Hood Howdy comes in to fill that void. Everything from law offices, medical centers, mechanics and financial services like us are there to greet you and make you feel welcomed in your new home

This is Omni’s third Hood Hoowdy event and every year we meet so many servicemembers eager to learn about their new community. Omni is here to show the way and educate those new to the area about the beauty that Killeen has to offer. Since our office is located in the heart of Killeen and have been at that location for so many years. Welcome to Killeen and we appreciate every one of you


We were also delighted to hold our raffle for all the servicemembers who attended. Allowing them to enter their names for a chance to win one of two $25 Gift Cards!


Congratulations to Ty-Quaysha for being our raffle winner!

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