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Omni Financial Sponsors Flight for Wounded Veteran

By - Posted on July 1, 2016

Being injured three times and having lost one of his legs in a deployment to Afghanistan did not deter SFC Nicholas Lavery, he stayed true to his value system dedicating his life to serve this country. Omni Financial is honored to have sponsored SFC Lavery’s  flight to Massachusetts, to ensure he gets to his destination to organize some final logistics for his wedding to his beloved fiancée.

SFC Lavery flew from Fayetteville, NC to Franklin, MA on Friday, July 1st. This trip helped future Mr. and Mrs. Lavery to complete the setup and coordination for their wedding in Boston, MA.

Omni’s President, a Veteran’s Airlift Command Volunteer Pilot, was scheduled to fly Nick and his fiancée to their destination. But the flight was scrubbed due to weather. Nonetheless, Omni Financial, working in conjunction with the Veterans Airlift Command (an organization that makes it possible for wounded military personnel, veterans and their families to travel long distances free of charge), was able to make arrangements to fly the two passengers commercially and Omni was happy to pick up the tab.


3rd Special Forces Group SFC Nicholas Lavery lost his leg due to Machine gun fire on March 11, 2013 during his deployment to Afghanistan. He was one of 17 American Casualties when one of the local Afghans opens fire prior to his troop going out on a mission. It was a six month deployment, and in that six months, he had been injured three times. He was offered medical retirement numerous times and true to his incredible sets of value system which determines the reason why he joined, SFC Nicholas Lavery stayed active duty after a long arduous recovery.

As a boy SFC Lavery always dreamed about being in the military, he even considered joining straight out of high school. However was recruited to play college football. After graduating with his degree in Criminology he began his research into the branch and job he would strive for within the military. After several weeks he decided to take a contract for Special Forces Recruit which would give him the opportunity to go directly into the SF pipeline, an intense two year process which he successfully completed and by which becoming a Green Beret.

While he knew as a kid that this was the life for him, the events of 9/11 only fueled that flame and he knew he had to get into a position where he, as an individual, could make the most impact possible. Being a Green Beret allows him to do that. SFC Lavery has been in the military nearing nine years.

Based in Ft. Bragg, SFC Nicholas Lavery flew from Fayetteville, NC to Franklin, MA, to coordinate the final elements of his wedding to his fiancée, also an active duty military service member based in Ft. Bragg.

In early July 2016, SFC Lavery, his fiancée and SFC’s Lavery sister who lives in MA, did all their coordination for the wedding in August. The coordination involved meeting the priest as well as a visiting the church where the wedding ceremony is taking place, meeting with the DJ for the wedding party, and completing some final paperwork for the marriage license etc. The wedding took place in Boston, MA on August 13th.

Omni Financial appreciates SFC Nick Lavery for his unparalleled perseverance, dedication and service to this country.

Thank you SFC Lavery, we appreciate you.