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Operation Appreciation 2017

By - Posted on May 20, 2017

Operation Appreciation is all about showing how much we care about the service members in the San Diego and Oceanside community, The beach side is covered with amphibious vehicles and other displays such as MRAP vehicles, tanks,  and LAVs, for all to see and enjoy. There is also a fun zone for the kids of the service members. Over 15,000 service members in attendance and over 5,000 meals were served, because nothing shows appreciation like great food. As a sponsor

Despite being open to the public this event’s main focus was those who are serving as well as those who have served. Service members can join the day not only with their families but also with their community. Everyone in attendance shows their appreciation and gives thanks to those service members who make their way to Operation Appreciation

Omni held multiple Raffles throughout the event. Congratulations to all the winners!