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UFC Fights

By - Posted on March 6, 2015

To show Omni’s ongoing support for the soldiers of Ft. Hood GM Keith Callands has agreed with MWR to sponsor 8 UFC Fights (Ultimate Fighting Championship) at the Ft. Hood Backbone Lounge. The first of these extremely popular TV viewing events is 2/28. The other 7 dates are 3/14,3/25, 5/23,6/13, 7/11, 8/1 and 9/5. Keith will also be conducting a raffle at each of the fights for a chance for a lucky service member to win Pizza for a Year. A winning 1-2 combination…fights and pizza!

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– Posted on March 16th 2015 –

On Saturday, March 14th the place to be was the Phantom Warrior Club/Backbone Lounge. The reason? To view one of the fastest growing sports on TV, UFC fights (Ultimate Fighting Championship).To show our support Omni joined with Ft. Hood MWR and was there to sponsor the event and provide several hours of relaxation to the service members of Ft. Hood. Omni was front and center to meet and greet the over 50 attendees to this televised event. This was just one of the many ways we look to show our continuing support for the service men and women of Ft. Hood.

Our general manager Keith Callands with our Pizza for a Year winner are pictured below.


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