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Use These Simple Instructions to Upload your LES Directly to Omni Homepage:

Obtain your LES

Obtain an electronic copy of your LES and save it to your computer (For instructions on how to download your LES from MyPay, please refer to the Printing and Saving your LES Without Using a Mouse section of the F.A.Q.’s on the MYPAY website).


Login to your secure Omni Financial homepage from a computer:

Select LES

On the “Upload a Document” Page, click the “Browse” button to navigate to where you saved your LES in the previous step. Double click on your LES (or highlight it and click “select”). The browse window will close and you will see the path to your LES displayed in the field to the left of the browse button.

Then select the “LES/RAS/Member Information Page” from the “Description of the document” dropdown list.

Then click “Submit”.