Leaving the Military Takes Careful Planning

Leaving the Military Takes Careful Planning

While you may be in the thick of your military service, it is never too late to begin thinking about the future. Many different aspects of the military may have you in a comfort zone now, but transitioning back to civilian life can be a difficult task. There are some ways to cope with the situation, as well as things you can do in order to ensure your future is in good hands.

Learning to live without the military

Leaving the military can be a stressful time, and this is not something you should take lightly. Luckily, there are multiple options the government offers service members to help them better prepare for civilian life.

  • Counseling – The military offers a counseling program about separation. This is mandatory, and you will have to complete this before the final three months of your service. However, if you are interested, it is possible to begin counseling as early as one year prior to leaving the military.
  • Information on veterans’ benefits – The government also gives information to service members about the many veterans’ benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Finding out everything that you are eligible for (healthcare plans, college aid, home loans, etc.) can be beneficial in knowing how to approach your life post-military.

Looking toward your future

Getting the right comfort about your future is important. However, you need to further improve your situation by having an idea of what is available to you for future living.

  • GI Bill – Learning more about the GI Bill is very important if you plan to get an education after the military. Having tuition paid for through the military may help tremendously, and knowing where you can go to get the most financial assistance and grants could be a good idea to learn about now.
  • Employment fairs and seminars – The military also offers many employment fairs and seminars that can help you get a better idea about where you will be situated after you leave the service. You can connect with potential employers, explore different occupations, and also get help with resume writing, application information, and  other job hunting skills.

You may already be planning for the time after your military service, but some aspects of your life may need some adjustment now. If finances are one of these lingering issues, it may not be a bad choice to speak with a representative at Omni Financial. We can give you advice to help improve your finances.