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Loans for Military Spouses

If your military spouse is deployed, a loan from Omni Financial® can provide you with the extra money you may need, when you need it most.

While only active duty service members can apply for these personal loans, military spouses can quickly access the funds once they are deposited into the direct deposit stateside bank account and as long as they are listed on the account. Instantly access funds by coming in to one of our participating loan offices and have your loan proceeds put on a FREE debit card the same day!

In addition, we offer power of attorney emergency loans. If your military spouse gives you power of attorney, you can apply for an emergency loan on his or her behalf.

How Can a Military Spouse Loan Help You?

Loans are available in amounts ranging from $500 to $10,000 and can be used for any good reason:

  • College or career training
  • Pay down existing student loan
  • New baby expenses
  • Bills
  • Travel
  • Household or auto expenses
  • Emergency fund
  • Debt consolidation

Having a husband or wife in the military can be stressful, and of course, being short on funds can add even more stress. A military spouse loan from Omni Financial® can give you and your significant other some peace of mind. No matter where your military spouse is stationed, he or she can apply for a loan online and the money can be available to both of you in hours!

At Omni Financial®, most of our lending specialists are retired military or military spouses. We understand the unique needs of military families and the situations, such as deployment, that can make everyday life more challenging. That’s why we make the loan application and approval process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Whether you want to study for a career, build an emergency fund, consolidate bills or anything else, we can work with your spouse to give your family a loan that meets your requirements and budget.