South Korea

Omni Military Loans Serving South Korea

Serving the following bases:

  • Osan AFB
  • Kunsan AFB
  • Camp Castle
  • K-16 Air Base
  • USAG Daegu
  • Fleet Activities Chinhae
  • Camp Stanley
  • Camp Hovey
  • Camp Eagle
  • Camp Market
  • Camp Humphreys
  • Camp Casey

Internet District Manager: 
Andrea McLaren, Military Spouse

Applications are accepted online 24/7/365

Telephone hours: 
Mon – Sat: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m. PT

003 0813 2055 – Korea Toll Free


“Being a military spouse myself, and seeing firsthand the struggle that military families go through, I’m happy to know that I work for a company that helps military families in need with the services we offer at Omni.”

At Omni Financial®, decades of experience and expertise in responsible military lending is reflected in everything we do. We look forward to assisting you to make your way to a more secure financial future, every step of the way.