Army Emergency Relief (AER) Loan

Whether you have family members to support or you live on your own, emergencies can happen to anyone and at any time, including active-duty or career retired soldiers or officers such as yourself. An Army Emergency Relief loan can provide emergency financial assistance, but only if you qualify and/or the structure of the loan meets your needs.

In short, AER assistance may not be an available option in all cases of emergency. No need to fear. Omni Financial offers a convenient, inclusive AER loan alternative that can help support you in crisis situations that require cash fast.

What is an AER loan and how does it work?

Available through the nonprofit organization Army Emergency Relief (AER), an AER loan is borrowed funds designed exclusively for active-duty soldiers and their dependents. Made possible through generous donations, which frequently come from service members as well as charitable aid societies throughout the U.S., AER loans are interest-free and can be used for a variety of costs that may be unexpected in nature, such as for late car payments, repairs, funeral expenses, medical bills and emergency travel, among others. There is no floor or ceiling on how much you can borrow, so long as you can come up with the financial statements, documents or bills that corroborate the nature of the financial emergency.

This is one of several aspects of Army Emergency Relief loans that can make them difficult to navigate and be deemed eligible for, which may make Omni Financial a better alternative. Here are a few other reasons why:

  • Minimal documentation necessary for approval: A classic AER loan tends to be more strict in terms of what documents you need to verify the expense. Not with Omni Financial. We specialize in speed, so we only request very basic billing or repair estimates.
  • More far-reaching eligibility: AER is notoriously strict in regard to who can and cannot apply for an emergency relief loan. Newly minted soldiers – those with 12 months or fewer in the service – are ineligible, as are soldiers and families who have made a loan or grant request within the previous year. Omni Financial accepts applications from all active duty service members as well as career retired soldiers. Additionally, those in the Marine Corps, Army National Guard, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are free to apply.
  • No limits on what the loan can fund: The AER office is very particular about what the proceeds of an AER loan can and cannot go toward. For example, AER prevents you from using the proceeds for debt consolidation, credit card bills or for vacationing purposes. At Omni Financial, we say it’s your money – you should be able to use it the way you want to. Our AER loan alternatives can also be used for expenses you may incur while on regular leave.
  • Get cash super fast: In an emergency situation, every second counts. Generally speaking, an emergency financial assistance loan from AER takes at a bare minimum 48 hours between the time your application is processed and you actually obtain the funds.. Omni Financial handles delivery much quicker. Depending on how you choose to receive the funds, we can get you the money you need in as little as a day with our Click Today…Cash Today option, which requires visiting one of our convenient office locations.
  • Pay funds back how you want: At Omni Financial, whatever method works for you works for us – whether it be via check, money order, cash or automatic deduction from your bank account.

What other alternatives are available to those who don’t qualify for an AER loan?

We’re all about options at Omni Financial, so if you are unable to gain approval from AER or would rather go somewhere aside from us, there are places you can go to besides loved ones or family members. These include the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and the Air Force Aid Society. While these loan products also carry zero interest, both organizations have rather restrictive underwriting standards that you must qualify for to gain approval.

Why Omni Financial is your best alternative for AER alternative loans

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: If there is one thing we stand behind it’s our quality of service. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied, you can cancel the loan within 15 days of signing the papers for approval.
  • Come by or we’ll deliver direct: Omni Financial is growing by leaps and bounds, with 17 locations throughout the U.S. and three in Virginia alone. Coming to one of our satellite offices is the quickest way to get your funds, but we can also deliver them by direct deposit. Once credited, the funds will be in your checking or savings account. Just let us know which and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Apply conveniently and securely: Not only do you need fewer documents to gain approval, the application process itself couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. In just a few minutes, you can fill out the required information entirely online. Also, no need to worry about entering sensitive data. We leverage the best in internet security solutions to keep eyes-only information fully protected.

More service members choose Omni Financial in money matters. Contact us today to see why.