Money Skills

A free online course that teaches personal finance concepts on income, expenses, saving and investing, credit and insurance.

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Understanding Your Credit Risk

This brochure provides information to help you make a smart choice before applying for a loan.
Loans have some risk for both the lender and the borrower. The lender’s risk is the chance of non-payment. The borrower takes on the responsibilities and terms of paying back the loan.

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Understanding Credit Cards

This brochure can help you understand how to avoid the dangers of using credit unwisely.

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Personal Loans 101
Personal Loans in Spanish

This brochure will help you understand the terms of financing and things to consider before entering into a personal loan. Personal loans are used for various purposes, such as meeting family emergencies, purchasing home furnishings or consolidating other debts.

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Understanding Vehicle Finance

Most consumers need financing or leasing to acquire a vehicle, with prices averaging more than $28,000 for a new vehicle and $15,000 for a used vehicle.

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Understanding Payment Protection Insurance

Protect your credit and your loved ones from unexpected life events, learn about payment protection insurance. It can be a valuable tool.

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The Consumer’s Almanac

Organize your financial life, Plan for the future, Manage your credit wisely.

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Holiday Spending Plan (online worksheet)

The Holiday Spending Plan – Manage your holiday budget.

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Consumer Budget Planner (on-line worksheet)

The Consumer Budget Planner provides an electronic means to help you list your monthly income, saving, and expenses. The type of plan that will work best for you depends on the saving and spending priorities you set based upon your personal needs, wants, and lifestyle.

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Installment Loans Working for You

Learn more about traditional installment loans.

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Military Consumer Financial Readiness

A tool to help service members prepare for whatever comes their way

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