Six Tips to Simplify Your PCS Move


Do you have a permanent change of station that is just around the corner? Whether this PCS is your first ever or just the first of the year, you may go into a PCS experience with some degree of ambivalence. In addition to it being a change in your environment — which by itself can be intimidating and exciting all at once — a PCS brings an adjustment to your immediate schedule, since you have to prepare for the actual moving process itself.

But it can actually be pretty turn-key when you have a plan of action.

In Omni Military Loans’ “Six Tips to Simplify Your PCS Move,” we’ll walk you through your PCS move so the process is as seamless and as smooth as it can possibly be. In just 10 pages, you’ll discover:

  • What a personally procured move is all about.
  • What purchases the military does not pay for should you choose a personally procured move.
  • Why saving can save you hassle.
  • Why it makes sense to put together a PCS binder.
  • Great online resources to further improve your PCS move.
  • Several other great tips!

Download our free e-book today and let’s get your PCS move underway.