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6 Free Outdoor Family Activities

By - Posted on August 24, 2020

6 Free Outdoor Family Activity Ideas 

Enjoy more of the great outdoors without spending a lot more. Try these free (and almost free) activities and take in a breath of fresh air while having fun with your family.

1. Be a tourist in your neighborhood

If you are like many people, perhaps you are so busy with your day-to-day activities that you have never given thought to some of the sites that are right in your own backyard. Summertime is a great time to get out and explore.  Visit the statues in town and learn more about their significance. Visit a park on the other side of your city. Go window shopping downtown.  Be creative! There are many opportunities to gain a new perspective on where you live.

2. Go geocaching

If you enjoy hiking and a good treasure hunt, geocaching might be the ultimate activity for you and your family.  Using your smartphone or GPS device, you can search for hidden “caches” in your area based on its GPS coordinates.  Visit to learn more and to go on your own exciting and free adventure.

3. Fly a kite – one that you make yourself!

Head out to an open space on a clear, breezy day and fly a kite. Of course you can purchase a kite, but you can save money and have some extra fun by making one yourself.  To help make your flight a success, read this Beginner’s Guide to Flying a Kite from

4. Get growing

Whether you use a few flowerpots or a small section of your yard, it is easy to start a garden. Garden solo or get the whole family involved.  Kids will love the chance to get their hands dirty and see the rewards of their hard work in the following weeks and months.  Before heading to the nursery, do some research together to determine what flowers, plants or vegetables will work best in your garden’s location. Here are some other tips for starting a garden with your children.

5. Have fun with flashlights

A warm clear night is the perfect time to play flashlight games.  From flashlight limbo and flashlight tag to flashlight hide-and-seek, there are a variety of ways you can have a blast with beams of light.

6. Hunt for natural treasures

Encourage your children to love and respect the environment by having a nature scavenger hunt.  Whether you go to a park or stick to your own backyard, you are sure to find many natural treasures.  Write a list of what everyone should look for such as a heart-shaped rock, a red flower, a brown leaf, a nut, etc. This is a fun activity for any age group. Here is a free printable that includes some other great ideas.

This summer, step outside with your children and encourage them to play, learn and explore!   It’s a wonderful way to spend time together and make special family memories.

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