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Easy & Inexpensive Thanksgiving Recipes

By - Posted on November 22, 2015

Easy & Inexpensive Thanksgiving Recipes

Being thankful doesn’t have to make you broke or stressed out. To survive the cooking marathon that typically accompanies this holiday, try using these tried and tested, scaled-down recipes, and spend more time at the table and less time over the stove. Enjoy this bountiful spread of scrumptious food this season with these easy and inexpensive Thanksgiving recipes.


Easy Pumpkin Dip – Here’s a great Thanksgiving Day snack that you can enjoy while watching the Macy’s Parade or anytime this fall. It’s easy to make and customize with some of your favorite ingredients and it’s the perfect recipe for kids to prepare since it requires no cooking.

Baked Brie and Cranberries – This easy recipe adds a touch of class to any table. Use apples and cranberries to give this scrumptious cheese a festive fall touch.

Roasted Butternut Squash & Bacon Soup – Try this velvety delicious fall soup to warm up your guests and get your meal started.

French Onion Soup – Served with toasted French bread, this budget-conscious dish will fill your house with appetite-building aroma as the onions cook down in a bath of butter.


Apple & Raisin Stuffed Acorn Squash – Enjoy this colorful fall dish that’s not only nutritious but inexpensive and simple to cook. It makes the perfect addition to any meal. Cut a flat spot on the back of each half of the squash so it can sit perfectly on a plate.

Scalloped Corn – Canned corn is inexpensive and requires no preparation. Plus, corn is a vegetable enjoyed by even the most finicky children. Enjoy this easy to make Thanksgiving recipe that’s always a hit.

Duchess Potatoes – Press this tasty potato mixture into a decorative shape to give a professional touch to any meal.

For more inexpensive and easy Thanksgiving sides, check out these satisfying dishes you can make for less than one dollar.


Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells – This impressive dish will get you lots of kudos and make you look like a professional chef even though it’s really easy to prepare. Freeze any unused pumpkin puree and add it to a soup, chili or pancake recipe.

Soy Sauce and Honey Glazed Turkey – Give your bird a beautiful mahogany color and superb flavor with a marinade of soy, sesame, honey and ginger.

For recipes ranging from the classic roast with giblet gravy to a new age cider-glaze with lager, these turkey recipes will inspire imagination and make you the hit of the kitchen.


Baked Apples – Apples are in their prime. If you got a little too overzealous when picking them at the orchard or couldn’t resist loading your grocery cart, here’s a healthy, scrumptious after-dinner treat that will use them up in a delightful way. Check out five other ways apples can be used.

S’mores Pie– The time to roast marshmallows may have come and gone, but here’s an equally delightful way to enjoy this all-time favorite of both kids and adults.

Easy Pumpkin Pie – Use this simple recipe to quickly add a traditional pie to your meal.



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