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Military Spouse Employment Opportunities

By - Posted on June 28, 2019

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Balancing a career with a military lifestyle can be a challenge for many military spouses. Frequent moves, non-transferable state-specific licenses and certifications, and problems finding child care are just some of the issues that can make it difficult for military spouses to obtain employment.

In a recent survey by Blue Star Families, 45% of military spouses named military spouse employment as a top lifestyle issue. The survey also revealed that 36% of military spouses were unemployed and actively seeking work. Fifty-six percent of those currently in the workforce said they were underemployed, that is, working in lower paying jobs that did not commensurate with their levels of experience or education.

Job-seeking military spouses do have barriers to overcome but there are companies that have realized the skills and value these individuals can bring to their organizations. Omni, for example, frequently hires military spouses. We believe that no one understands the needs of our military customers like a veteran or a military family member.

Employment Opportunities for Military Spouses

Here is a list of some other employers to consider if you are a military spouse looking for meaningful employment that will make the most of your talents and help grow your career.


Allstate is one of the nation’s largest insurance companies and understands the challenges military spouses face when it comes to employment. Allstate believes that traits that military spouses possess, such as dedication and resilience, can translate to a career at an Allstate Agency Owner’s office. The company has a free licensing program that will pay for licensing education and connect you with hiring agency owners in your area.


Amazon has part-time, full-time and flexible work-from-home virtual job openings available to military spouses with and without college degrees. Technical apprenticeships and non-tech fellowships are also available.

Enterprise Holdings

The car rental company Enterprise Holdings was founded by World War II Navy veteran Jack Taylor and has a history of supporting American service members and their families. It has been recognized as military-friendly by many organizations. Visit the site to learn about the company’s management training program, as well as opportunities in accounting, automotive and transportation, sales, corporate, IT, sales and more.


The telecommunications company is nationally recognized as a military-friendly employer and has a mission to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses within the next five years. From the website you can explore openings, email a recruiter and download a Career Toolkit.


Walmart is committed to giving hiring preferences to military spouses who seek employment with Walmart or Sam’s Club. The company recognizes that military spouses often require flexible work schedules and has programs in place to accommodate those needs. Walmart and Sam’s Club also offer career counseling to help military spouses find positions that best meet their skill sets. Visit Walmart’s Military Spouse Career Connection page to learn more.

These are just a few of the many companies that recognize the important contributions military spouses can offer their businesses.  An additional career resource is the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). The MSEP is a Department of Defense initiative that connects military spouses with partner employers committed to hiring, promoting and retaining military spouses. Currently MSEP has more than 390 partners that have hired over 100,000 military spouses. Its website has job search listings, career readiness advice, resume and cover letter templates, and much more.

Finding a job takes time, work and perseverance. Try not to get discouraged. Keep networking and using all your available resources to search for employment that will be a good fit for your military lifestyle, as well as your education, experience and career aspirations.

Omni Financial does not endorse, recommend or imply affiliation with the listed organizations or companies. Information can change at any time. Visit the individual websites for details.


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