Easy & Inexpensive Christmas Crafts

Easy & Inexpensive Christmas Crafts

10 Easy & Inexpensive Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Crafts

Dare to be different. This year, give some of those tired, mass-produced decorations a rest and fashion some of your own. And, instead of using your safe, store-bought standbys, put a personal touch on your presents by making and decorating them yourself. To get into the creative spirit, play some festive tunes, and let your inner artist out. For those cold, stormy days when you’re stuck in the house, get your kids involved, too. Crafting not only saves you a lot of money, but it’s fun and adds warmth to your home and gifts. Celebrate this season in your own signature style by making any of these easy and inexpensive holiday crafts.

  1. Christmas Wreaths for Kitchen Cabinets To sprinkle some seasonal spirit around your kitchen, try making these easy and inexpensive wreaths using items from the dollar store. Hang them from upper cabinets to keep the cheer safe and out of your way as you prepare your holiday feast.
  1. Simple DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe Create this charming decoration using materials from the dollar store and give them to neighbors and friends for gifts. Everyone appreciates the thought and attention put into a handmade item made just for them.
  2. Dreidel Wall Art – Save your child’s art and repurpose it into this easy Hanukkah craft to add a personal touch of holiday warmth and tradition to your home.
  1. Giant Ornament Wreath To create a very large wreath frame, attach two pool noodles together with strong packing tape. Let your creative juices flow and use different ornaments or experiment with colors other than the traditional green and red.
  1. Easy Wire Table Trees Use silver or copper wire and a Styrofoam cone to make this simple, yet elegant tabletop decoration. Wrap the wire around the form and you’re done.
  1. Paper Tops – Use toothpicks, construction paper, scissors and glue to create this traditional Jewish toy.
  2. Holiday Bookmarks – This easy to make craft will keep children busy and maybe even entice them to open a book! Use them in place of a bow to adorn your gifts, put them inside cards, or just hand them out to the special people in your life.
  3. Christmas Bell Ornament – Use inexpensive clay pots, pipe cleaners and some paint to make these adorable holiday crafts. They’re easy and fun and the perfect project to do with kids when you’re stuck in the house, and they make cute gifts, too. That’s an all-around win.
  1. New Year’s Kid Sparkler – Engage children in making this simple, safe party favor that will add to your family’s festive and fun midnight celebration.
  1. New Year’s Noise Makers – With a few paper plates and some dried pasta or beans this easy New Year’s craft puts some bang into your party.

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