Quick and Easy Easter and Passover Treats

Quick and Easy Easter and Passover Treats

Easter and Passover time is here. Are you feeling some pressure because you’re a little behind in your holiday meal planning?  Don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered – at least when it comes to your desserts. There are plenty of sweet treats that are super quick and easy to make and don’t require a lot of expensive or hard-to-find ingredients. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying – and impressing – your guests with these simple ideas that make entertaining a breeze. They just may become your new holiday favorites!

Easy Easter and Passover Treats

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls
Turn pre-made cinnamon roll dough into cute bunny shapes for a fun, festive and irresistibly fragrant addition to your Easter breakfast or brunch table.
Easter Cookie Cups
Sugar cookie dough is incredibly versatile and makes a great foundation for many types of desserts.  This recipe calls for using a store bought sugar cookie mix.  Bake the dough in a mini muffin pan and create little cups that can be filled with frosting and topped with candy.
Flourless Chocolate Cake
While this rich and chocolatey flourless cake is perfect for Passover, it would be a yummy treat any time of the year. Everyone will want a slice of this decadent four-ingredient dessert that’s baked in a springform pan.
Goldfish Carrots
Classic Goldfish crackers are a kid favorite and they are even more fun to eat when they are packaged to look like carrots. It’s so easy – just use disposable decorating bags!  For a sweet surprise, tuck in a chocolate egg or two.  Add Goldfish crackers to Easter baskets or hand them out as favors.
Rainbow Fruit Kabobs
Looking for a healthy holiday dessert option? Rainbow fruit kabobs take just five minutes to prepare and are packed with vitamin C, potassium and more.  The pretty presentation is a party-pleaser alone.  While this recipe uses raspberries, pineapples, kiwi, grapes and clementine oranges, you could substitute other fresh fruit instead. For a colorful appetizer, try making rainbow veggie kabobs.
Ruby Red Grapefruit Jelly
A trio of ingredients – gelatin, ruby red grapefruit juice and sugar – turn into an eye-catching dessert that beautifully balances tart and sweet.  Prepare in a mold and chill in the refrigerator overnight. Set it and forget it until it’s time to serve.  An excellent choice for Passover or Easter.
Salted Toffee Matzah
Melted butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips transform ordinary matzah into a mouthwatering dessert.  Top with sea salt, nuts, coconut, etc. Be creative!
3 Ingredient Coconut Macaroons
With three ingredients, a five minute prep time and a 20 minute cook time, it’s no wonder these coconut macaroons are touted as “the easiest cookies you will ever make.”  This gluten-free dessert made with egg whites, shredded coconut and granulated sugar is ideal for Passover or any other special occasion.
Trix Krispies
Trix Kripsies is a colorful twist on the classic Rice Kripsies treat. Made with Trix cereal, butter, and mini marshmallows, this is a bright and cheery confection for kids and kids at heart.
Happy holidays from Omni!

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