Exercising While Sick

Exercising While Sick

Every service member needs to be in good shape to reach their full potential and serve their country. However, it is important to keep active within reason. If you are sick, or don’t feel right, there are some guidelines you need to keep in mind when considering if it is a good idea to do physical activity that day. This could help you get healthy quicker.

When you can exercise:

There are some minor ailments that you can have that will actually have little effect on your exercise regimen. However, you should use your discretion. You are the only one who knows how you really feel.

  • Sore throat – Unless it is coupled with other symptoms, a sore throat may not be the worst thing to deal with while exercising.
  • Stuffy nose – A light cold or allergies may not be something to really worry about, and if you feel well enough otherwise, it should be no issue to carry on with your exercise routine.

Times you should reconsider being active

It is not a good idea to risk your health in order to exercise and sometimes it is important to err on the side of caution. You don’t want to jeopardize your well-being.

  • Dizziness – This can be a sign of a serious illness, and it could also make it very difficult for you to exercise safely. It may be necessary to go to the doctor, or further monitor your condition.
  • Dehydration – If you feel dehydrated, exercising is the worst thing you can do. This could be a flu symptom, and exercising will make you progressively worse.
  • Nausea – Another possible symptom of the flu is nausea, and monitoring stomach issues may be better than exercising.
  • Chest colds – If you have phlegm hindering your breathing, exercising could be a bad idea. This is because a chest cold could become much worse with physical activity, even if you don’t feel completely debilitated.

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