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Customer Testimonials

“Fort Campbell office -> THE BEST!!”

-SPC Jovane, Ft Campbell

Received May 14, 2020 in

“I have been a happy Omni customer for years. The workers are always polite and respectful. My recent visit I was helped by Julicia and Jadzzir. Both ladies helped me tremendously. Omni really does try and work with everyone :)”

-SGT Rachel, Ft Hood

Received May 12, 2020 in

“Awesome service and no issues at all. I can always trust that I can get quick funding. Appreciate the help.”

-SGT Mark, Ft Benning

Received May 6, 2020 in

“Excellent service!”

-Mr. Anthony, New Jersey

Received May 6, 2020 in

“I worked with Allison. She was very professional and thorough.”

-Mr. Carl, Ft Hood

Received April 30, 2020 in

“Ms. Octavia was very knowledgeable and understanding. She answered all my questions and helped me understand my terms and conditions of my loan. Thank you Ms. Octavia.”

-SGT Ashley, Ft Hood

Received April 17, 2020 in

“My representative was very helpful and I got what I needed.”

-SSG Jimmy, Ft Stewart

Received April 17, 2020 in

“Keep up the great service.”

-Mr. Gregory, Florida

Received April 14, 2020 in

“Thank you”

-Mr. Lawrence, Alabama

Received April 10, 2020 in

“Amazing and so helpful!”

-SPC Eric, Ft Sill

Received April 10, 2020 in

“No matter how many questions I asked my rep, she happily answered all of them. Got my application entered, approved, & paid out on the same day. She was very professional and courteous!”

-SPC Arianna, Ft Hood

Received April 10, 2020 in

“The loan agent done a fine job in getting my cash, keep up the good work.”

-Mr. Johnny, Ft Bragg

Received April 10, 2020 in

“Great customer service. Truly a big help and supportive. Answered all questions professionally. Hopewell, VA store definitely is amazing.”

-SGT Delandra, Ft Lee

Received April 9, 2020 in

“Vanessa and Sherrie were a pleasure to do business with. Thank you.”

-SSG Vincent, Ft Bliss

Received April 9, 2020 in

“Staff was very patient with the transition with credit history. They will fight for the customers to get a fair deal!”

-Mr. Daniel, Ft Lee

Received April 1, 2020 in

“First let me apologize for survey lateness. I thought I had mailed it off. Adriana was very professional and polite. Her customer service skills were excellent and friendly. She kept me informed through the loan process.”

-Mr. Frederick, Camp Lejeune

Received March 26, 2020 in

“Your service is very efficient and everyone I have had contact with is professional and courteous.”

-Mrs. Sherry, Kentucky

Received March 25, 2020 in

“Excellent service. Went the same day and I got approved a good amount of money.”

-PFC Israel, Ft Stewart

Received March 25, 2020 in

“Great experience. The lovely ladies were such a great help in such a stressful time. I will recommend Omni to each and everyone I know and I sure will be back to see those lovely faces and get help the next time I need it. Thank you and God bless!!!”

-Miss Syphonique, Ft Riley

Received March 23, 2020 in

“Great company to do business with! They do not pressure you into a decision. They provide options and give you time to make the best financial decision for yourself/family.”

-MSG Murphy, Ft Carson

Received March 20, 2020 in