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Customer Testimonials

“Miss Genia is an outstanding clerk. She deserves to be advanced. She was the best.”

-Mr. Michael, Ft Hood

Received December 18, 2019 in

“Outstanding service every time we come here! – Thanks!”

-SGT Greggory, Ft Stewart

Received December 6, 2019 in

“Lina, you are the best!”

-Mr. Joseph, Ft Lee

Received December 6, 2019 in

“Thank you for absolutely everything! The whole process was fast and very discrete. I didn’t feel odd about anything and was super simple.”

-PO3 Ashley, Norfolk

Received December 5, 2019 in

“Omni was there to help my family in our time of need. The staff was very helpful and helped us to understand our loan.”

-SN Timothy, Norfolk

Received November 25, 2019 in

“Always satisfied with response.”

-Mr. Wallace, Ft Lee

Received November 18, 2019 in

“Joyce and the team from Petersburg, VA was very helpful and nice.”

-Ms. Frances, Ft Lee

Received November 15, 2019 in

“I am so grateful to Omni, especially Joyce of Omni, who always helped me and my family out. Thank you so much, Omni (Joyce).”

-Mr. Nathan, Ft Lee

Received November 15, 2019 in

“I want to express the excellent customer service by Kaytlyn. Throughout my loan process when I spoke with her, she was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and informative. A job well done.”

-Mr. Frederick, Camp Lejeune

Received November 13, 2019 in

“I have had at least 3 loans with Omni. The customer service has always been amazing!!! It’s so easy to apply and the representatives are eager to help you with the process whether they are assigned to your case or not. Thanks, Omni!”

-Ms. Katrenna, Texas

Received November 8, 2019 in

“Omni helped me and my wife rent our first apartment, thanks a lot!!”

-PFC Khalid, Ft Stewart

Received November 8, 2019 in

“Omni helped out a lot, will use them again. Love y’all so much, and again, thank you Omni!!!”

-SPC Cody, Ft Bragg

Received November 8, 2019 in

“Thank you for providing me with a much needed loan!”

-Ms. Pamela, Florida

Received October 31, 2019 in

“The young woman that handled my loan was outstanding, professional and knowledgeable. A keeper!!!”

-Mr. Major, Norfolk

Received October 30, 2019 in

“I have given Omni cards to a lot of retired vets, and tell them about Omni. You people are great and outstanding in my view! Thank you!”

-Mr. Samuel, Florida

Received October 22, 2019 in

“We loved Omni, thank you so much!”

-SGT Derrick, Ft Stewart

Received October 22, 2019 in

“Mrs. Joyce in the Hopewell District went above and beyond to help me out.”

-Ms. Vanessa, Ft Lee

Received October 16, 2019 in

“Excellent service by Fayetteville, NC representative, Ms. Suleida. 6256 Yadkin Rd., Suite 101, Fayetteville, NC 28303. (Recognize Ms. Suleida – she is a fine example of professionalism & customer service – process easy!)”

-Mr. Paul, Ft Bragg

Received October 3, 2019 in

“I am a prior Omni Financial customer, but Mrs. Joyce made this loan experience the best I ever had. She is very kind and knowledgeable. Her customer service skills are awesome and I love her personality and energy.”

-SGT Domini, Ft Lee

Received October 3, 2019 in

“Great people, great service, made sure I knew all agreements before signing anything! Thank you!”

-Mr. Joshua, Ft Sill

Received October 2, 2019 in