How to Save Money At The Beach

How to Save Money At The Beach

Last updated June 2, 2022.

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation. As a member of the Armed Forces, maybe you don’t have enough time for an extended vacation, but are looking for just a quick trip to the beach. There are still many ways to save money at the beach – as long as you plan ahead.

Tips for Saving Money on a Beach Trip

Pack a lunch

Bring food from home. Many options to eat at the beach, but their prices tend to be inflated. Nothing is as cost effective as making some sandwiches at home. That way, you always know the whole family will get to eat what they want. Make sure to add some ice, load up on drinks and snacks and you’re ready hit the beach.

If bringing your own food isn’t an option, look to eat as far away from the beach as you can. Prices tend to drop the more distance you put between yourself and the water.

Don’t shop

It may be tempting to buy all sorts of souvenirs while at the beach, especially if there are kids along for the ride. Don’t stop at every store or kiosk, or your budget will be blown before you even step foot in the sand. Decide ahead of time how much money can be spent shopping, if any at all. As long as you budget in advance, you’ll be alright.


Go with friends. It is simple to cut costs when you divide the bill between several people, and if you have four or five friends — share one car. You can split the cost for parking near the beach. It may also help to divide the expenses amongst yourselves. Have one person pay for parking, another bring the food, and so on. This way you won’t get stuck paying any large amounts in the course of one day.
If you are lucky enough to be stationed close to a beach where public transportation is offered, use it. Leave the car at home, and save on parking and gas.

Don’t go on the weekend

The weekend tends to be the busiest time to visit the beach, for obvious reasons. If possible, plan a day trip in the middle of the week, when crowds will be smaller. You’ll have more space, more parking options, and some places have lower weekday rates as opposed to Friday through Sunday.

Everyone deserves a day off, service members most of all. If financial obligations ever get in the way of your daily life, please talk to us. At Omni Financial, we understand the challenges of a military life.  We want to help match you with financial answers which meet your special needs and budget for a more sound financial future.

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