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Men’s Warriors Run

Posted on April 21, 2014

Omni GM James Reed of our Newport News, VA office is always looking for ways to demonstrate Omni’s support for the service members in the Ft. Eustis area.   He found such a way on April 26th.  When approached by Candice Cartwright and Wendy Hass, co-presidents of the Officers and Enlisted Wives Group, to sponsor the Men’s Warriors Run on Saturday, April 26th, James gladly accepted.  His sponsorship donation will be used by the race organizers to purchase gifts for the 25 volunteers working the race.   James will also distribute over 200 Omni Sport Water Bottles to some of the 450 runners expected to participate.  The race will take place just outside the Main Fieldhouse on Ft. Eustis, so grab your running shoes and see you at the starting line!  This race event is but one of the many different ways Omni looks to lend a helping hand to all the service members in the greater Ft. Eustis area.

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