10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Last Updated August 18, 2022 at 9:05 AM

Are your little goblins excited about getting dressed up for the spookiest time of year?  Unfortunately the prices of store-bought Halloween costumes can be frightening enough. Even the flimsiest made outfits can cost a pretty ghastly penny. This year, why not save money by taking the costume-making into your own hands?  The following 10 DIY Halloween costumes for kids are super easy to create. These ideas are creative, fun, and best of all, inexpensive.  Get the children involved and make the costumes together!

  1. Wind Up Doll

Turn your toddler into an adorable wind up doll. Use any outfit and add a windup key made of a toilet paper roll, Styrofoam ball and cardboard cutout.

  1. Needle and Thread

This needle and thread costume is “sew” simple to make – but no sewing is needed!

  1. Skeleton

No bones about it, this skeleton costume is really easy to create using black clothes and white duct tape.

  1. Charlie Brown

Dress your littlest peanut as Charlie Brown. All it takes is a yellow onesie and some black fabric – and eyeliner to draw a curl on your baby’s forehead!

  1. Rainbow

Spread cheer with this colorful felt rainbow, the antithesis of the scary costume. It will brighten anyone’s day.

  1. Piñata

This festive, eye-catching outfit takes a little time to make, but is actually pretty easy to create using just felt, glue, and pajamas.

  1. Scuba Diver

Your kids will plunge into fun with this scuba diver costume. Dig out summer swim goggles and a snorkel (or get them at a dollar store), and use soda bottles for the air tanks.

  1. Sheep

What do you get when you glue a bunch of cotton balls to a white hoodie? An instant – and adorable – sheep costume.

  1. Cupcake

It would be hard to find a more delicious looking cupcake than this one. Takes just minutes to “bake” with a lampshade, bedsheet and some other inexpensive materials.

  1. Gift Bag

Turn an extra-large gift bag into an extra-fun Halloween costume.
Don’t overspend on Halloween. This year, skip the store and get a little crafty with your kids’ costumes. Saving money is always a treat!

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