13 Fun, Easy & Inexpensive Holiday Traditions

13 Fun, Easy & Inexpensive Holiday Traditions

Updated on September 19th, 2022.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of giving and receiving gifts during the holiday season, but the memories we all treasure the most are of the time spent with family and friends. Our own unique holiday traditions are what the season is all about. Here are a few fun, easy, and inexpensive holiday traditions that you can start with your family:

  1. Holiday Lights: The local newspapers often have a list of must-see houses that are decked out for the holidays. Pack the kids in the car, grab some hot cocoa, and drive around the neighborhood looking at all of the bright holiday lights. At the end of the night, you can each vote on your favorite.
  2. Christmas Tree: Setting up and decorating the Christmas tree is always a fun tradition. Try dividing up sections of the tree among family members to see the unique style of each, or take turns doing different tasks (stringing lights, putting on tinsel, hanging ornaments, etc.)
  3. Donate: Giving can be just as exciting as receiving. As you prepare your family for new clothes and toys, clean out some of the old ones to donate. It will keep the clutter to a minimum and teach your kids about giving to the less fortunate at the same time.
  4. Snow: If you live in a cold climate, go play in the snow! Make snow angels, build a snowman or an igloo, have a snowball fight, and go sledding. And don’t forget the hot chocolate afterwards.
  5. Elf on the Shelf / Mensch on a Bench: Both of these holiday traditions allow parents to get creative while their children hone their searching skills.
  6. Cookies & Gingerbread Houses: Baking cookies and making gingerbread houses are time-honored holiday traditions in many families. Throw on some Christmas carols and have yourself a baking party. Let the kids decorate and try new recipes. Then hand them out to the neighbors to spread your holiday cheer.
  7. Ice Skating: Ice skating is a wonderful winter activity the whole family can enjoy. Make it part of your family tradition each holiday season. Most places even offer military discounts.
  8. Holiday Stories: Learn about the different cultures and how each culture celebrates the holiday season. Visit your local library to find books or search online to educate yourself and your children about the holidays. Tell the story of your own holiday as well so your family remembers the importance of why it is celebrated.
  9. Decorations: Have a craft party, and make a new holiday decoration each year. This tradition is great for families with little ones. They’ll love looking back on them when they’re older, and you’ll love seeing how their artistic abilities and creativity have grown over the years.
  10. Dreidel: Gather family and friends for a night of latkes and the dreidel game. This game of chance is fun for both kids and adults. Start a family tradition of making a new dreidel each year, and pass down the collection for your kids to continue.
  11. Volunteer: Give back this holiday season. Teach your children all about how good it feels to do Volunteer to visit a local nursing home or help out at a soup kitchen. A little bit goes a long way when you make it a yearly tradition.
  12. Thankful Box: Create a box that sits in a central location in your home. Throughout the year jot down the things you are thankful for on any given day. During the holiday season open up the box and read together what your family has been thankful for this year. Keep the notes with the holiday decorations or in a scrapbook to remember them always.
  13. Memories: Compile your photos and videos from the year. On New Year’s Eve look back on all of your beautiful memories as a family.

The holidays are all about spending time with those you love and creating memories that your family will cherish for years to come. The shiny paper and elaborate gifts will always take a backseat to these fun and meaningful holiday traditions. This year choose the gift of time together, and start a new family tradition.

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