How Military Families Can Have a Budget-Friendly Spring Break

How Military Families Can Have a Budget-Friendly Spring Break

We all love taking a breather from the everyday routine now and then.  And if you’re like many of us here at Omni, you may be thinking about getting away for a little R&R this spring. Concerned about spending too much?  Going on spring break doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how you can have a fun and memorable trip on a budget.
Check your Information, Tickets, and Tours (ITT) office
Whether you’re planning a staycation or an out of town trip, visiting your ITT office should be at the top of your to-do list. Most military bases have an ITT office where you’ll find discount tickets to local and national attractions, tours, sporting events and more. The ITT office can also help you find cruises, tours and vacation packages to destinations around the world.

Make the most out of military discounts
Even if you do not use your ITT office, your military status makes you eligible for many military travel discounts and benefits. Below are a few popular ones:

Take advantage of military lodging
Service members and families may also be able to save money on lodging by staying on base at a military installation. Many military installations allow off-duty service members the ability to stay at the base if space is available. Visit the Department of Defense Lodging website for more information and to look up available inventory.
Fly a Space-Available flight
Fly for free?  Yes, it’s possible! Military and military families are eligible for Space-Available (Space-A) travel which allows you to fly to many destinations around the world for low or no cost.

Space-A flights are military flights with a mission that have available seats. Eligible non-mission passengers who request a flight are prioritized based on their reason for traveling as well as their sign-in time. There are no guarantees that you or your family will be selected for a seat and you should be ready to cover travel and/or lodging costs in the event of a change of schedule or seat availability.
Space-A flights may not be for everyone, but if you have flexibility and don’t mind taking a non-civilian flight, this type of travel is a great way to save big bucks on airfare. Learn more about Space-Available travel and visit the Air Mobility Command website.
Travel loans are available
If you want to travel but need a little extra money, remember that Omni Financial is here for you. We offer personal installment military loans in amounts up to $10,000. Many of us are former military personnel and understand that even with the best planning, sometimes you can be short on funds. Contact our friendly team today and start planning that vacation you deserve!
Happy travels!
All military discounts require proof of military service. See individual websites for details, blackout dates, restrictions, expiration dates, and other information. Offers and discounts can change at any time. Omni Financial does not endorse, recommend or imply affiliation with the listed companies or organizations.

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