Omni Celebrates Military Moms Every Day

Omni Celebrates Military Moms Every Day

Our family of staff members at Omni Financial is the backbone of our success. We are a military-friendly employer and are proud to say that many of our employees throughout our branch locations are military moms. These veterans and military spouses understand the challenges of everyday life in the Armed Forces. They know first-hand the sacrifices America’s service members make to ensure the safety and security of our nation. Here are just two of the incredible moms we are honored to have as part of our Omni family.

Our Military Moms

Vivian Willcoxon USA (Ret.), General Manager of Omni Financial office in Junction City, KS

“My final decision to join the military was solidified after talking to my great uncle who served in the Army during WWII. In my 29.5 years of service in the military I had the honor of helping service members with personnel issues, financial issues and when I became an NCO, I had the honor of taking care of and guiding my soldiers. CTMT: Coach, Teach, Mentor, Train was the MOTTO and I lived it. Now I have a job that still allows me the chance to help military families, with Omni I am now able to help service members alleviate their financial stress by assisting them with a loan. This is a win-win for everyone. Been there, done that when I was a single parent, paying it forward. Family First, Duty Always.” – Vivian Willcoxon USA (Ret.), General Manager for Omni Financial Office in Junction City, KS  

Tritisa Leonard, General Manager for Omni Financial office in Oceanside, CA

“We fret over the sacrifices, hardships, frequent up-rooting, deployments and tearful goodbyes. Yet, we marvel at the strength we didn’t know we had, the commitment, camaraderie, culture, cherished memories and everlasting bonds we form along the way! These are all the things that I’ve experienced as an Army brat, Marine spouse of almost 19 years and a brand new Army mom. I understand first hand, the trials that fellow military families face and the lack of support we have at times. For this reason, I am honored that Omni Financial has given me the opportunity to assist other families like my own, in their time of need!” – Tritisa Leonard, General Manager for Omni Financial Office in Oceanside, CA
If you are in areas of Camp Pendleton or Fort Riley, stop by and see Vivian and Tritisa!
Happy Mother’s Day from Omni!

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