Top 5 Apps for Military Families

Top 5 Apps for Military Families

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From Facetime to social media to online banking, technology has made it easier for military families to manage deployment and other realities of military life. Today, there are many apps that are helping military and their spouses and families stay connected and cope with the challenges of separation, frequent moves, emergencies and more. Below are five popular apps that our military family and friends have found valuable:

  1. Sandboxx

Connecting with your loved ones in the military is simple and fast with Sandboxx. This app turns your text into actual physical letters that will be printed and mailed to your service member.  Sign up for an account, take a picture from your phone, write a message and then send. There are four different price bundles, or you can pay as you go for $3.99 per letter. There are no stamps to buy or addresses to remember and every letter includes an addressed return envelope. Available at:  App Store and Google Play

  1. Sesame Street for Military Families Apps

Sesame Street has long been a supporter of military families through educational programs designed to help children cope with some of the challenges of military life.  In addition to its many resources for both children and parents, Sesame Street has two apps for that can assist military kids with moving and other stressful situations.
The Big Moving Adventure (for kids ages 2-5) – Kids can create their own Muppet and help him or her move.  Available at: App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store
Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame – Children help a Sesame Street monster friend stay calm and solve problems.  Available at: App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store

  1. DocuSign

If you or your spouse is deployed, getting legal documents signed can be inconvenient. With DocuSign, you can use an electronic signature as an official signature. Electronically sign documents from almost anywhere on just about any device. This can be helpful for doing everything from co-signing leases to endorsing an official power of attorney to signing a contract. Opening a DocuSign account and signing is free, and the electronic signatures are secure and legally binding. Available at: App Store and Google Play

  1. Hero Care by the American Red Cross

This free app available in English and Spanish helps military members, veterans and military families access vital emergency and non-emergency resources. It enables families to set up and submit an emergency request if needed. It also assists families before, during and after deployment. Users can learn about financial assistance, pre-deployment preparedness, resources for veterans and more. Available at: App Store and Google Play

  1. Military Pay

Figuring out your take home pay is easy with the Military Pay app. With just a few clicks you can calculate your service pay and estimate monthly and annual allowances. This app has updated military pay rate information as well as current BAS, BAH and special duty pay. You can also add family separation pay, hardship duty pay, and submarine pay. This app can be used by anyone in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and National Guard. Available at: App Store and Google Play
Whether you are a service member, a military spouse or have a loved one who is serving, these apps can help make life a little easier.
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