Winter Job Search Tips

Winter Job Search Tips

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If you have been looking for employment for a while, keeping up the job search momentum can be a challenge. In the winter, it can be even more trying. With less daylight, lower temperatures, and harsh weather, hibernating at home under a blanket instead of going on interviews can be tempting.
Did you know, however, that according to an article in Forbes, January and February are actually two of the best months for finding a job?  The holidays are over and people have returned from their vacations. Decision-makers are back in the office, ready to get to work building their teams. They may also finally have the money in their budgets to start hiring.

Here are some tips for staying motivated during the winter months and using this season to your job search advantage:
Overcome your cabin fever
Grab your coat and hat and get out of the house. Bring your laptop to the library or coffee shop and work on your resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profile.  Go to job fairs for veterans. There are many taking place throughout the country.  Find one in your area by visiting the Recruit Military website.
It is also important to network with friends, former colleagues, your college alumni association, etc. You never know who might know of an opportunity that would be a good fit for you. Being unemployed can make you feel isolated. Socializing, whether it pans out into a job offer or not, can relieve stress and be a big mood-booster.
Stick to a routine
Treat your job search as if it were a job itself. Set your alarm clock, get out of bed and out of your pajamas. Make time each day to look through online job postings and LinkedIn, explore networking opportunities, research companies, and work on your resume and cover letters. If you have part-time employment, schedule time before or after your job hours to do these tasks that can help you move toward the career you want.

Make a list of goals
While your ultimate goal is a job, it’s many smaller accomplishments that will help you get there. Identify weekly goals for yourself, whether it is reaching out to an old colleague for advice, updating your LinkedIn profile, taking a training class or attending a networking event. While those victories might seem small, they will keep you moving forward and help you stay motivated.
 Soak up the sun
Many people are affected by the winter blues, and the more serious Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).1 Help give your mood a natural boost by exercising and opening the blinds to let in more sunlight. If you are home, take a half hour to go outside for a walk in the fresh air. It will help you stay focused and energized.
Eating healthy is also essential. Avoid foods that are high in sugar. These foods can cause blood sugar to rise quickly and then drop, which can lower your mood and your energy level.
Being productive and avoiding the winter blahs during your job search can help you maintain a positive attitude and get things done. Keep your eyes on your goal – a great opportunity could be right around the corner.

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