4th of July Party Ideas – Get Creative this Independence Day

4th of July Party Ideas – Get Creative this Independence Day

Celebrate the Fourth of July in true military style, while still remaining under budget. Few holidays are as significant to service members as Independence Day, and everyone wants to throw a get-together that will be talked about until next year.

With these easy and simple 4th of July party ideas, your Independence Day celebration will be a success.

4th of July Party Ideas

Customize your Cuisine
Make your foods more patriotic by bringing in the colors of the American flag.

Use creative methods to outline the flag on a tart, alternating lines on the raspberry topping with confectioner’s sugar will create the illusion of the stripes. The addition of blueberries make a perfectly delicious substitute for the 50 states.

With no extra food colorings or pricey toppings, a creative arrangement can put all of the patriotism on the table.
Dessert can be expensive, so try this affordable – and delicious – Fourth of July party idea: Create blueberry, strawberry, and yogurt purees, and layer them in popsicle molds.  Freeze, and you’ll have fun popsicles that are red, white, and blue.

As a finishing touch, top any confection with a few sparklers to give your party that extra pop.

Decorate the Decorations
American flag themes are common, and patriotic napkins and paper plates are sure to be a great addition, but try to find more interesting ways to integrate the stars and stripes into the decorations. Take miniature plastic American flags and wrap them around water bottles. Doing this gives you the ability to offer your guests a simple drink that is both unique and interesting. Any extra flags added to a centerpiece or decoration will take it to the next level.

Use colored ribbons to decorate cloth napkins and tablecloths. Adding a red four to each napkin will make your party stand out, and a do-it-yourself project will cut costs at every corner.

Get the kids involved! Inexpensive paper lanterns are a great craft project. With red, white, and blue finger paints or markers, your children can provide cost-efficient decor and stay involved in party preparations.

Add anything with patriotic colors to the house or backyard. While not necessarily Independence Day related, a red wagon on the grass, either for the kids to play with or to hold potted plants, can help tie together the celebration. Re-using old decorations or re-purposing other household items can be a great money-saving Independence Day party idea and make your Fourth of July stand above the rest.