Army’s Basic Training Physical Fitness Test

Army’s Basic Training Physical Fitness Test

There’s no denying the fact that Army boot camp is challenging. After all, it is meant to prepare you mentally and physically for becoming a soldier. In order to graduate this intense and rigorous 10-week training program, all new recruits must pass the Basic Training Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Designed to assess endurance, physical strength, and cardio-respiratory fitness, the Basic Training PFT consists of the following three events, in this sequence:

Army’s Physical Fitness Test

Two minutes of push-ups
Push-ups must be done correctly and you must perform as many as you can within two minutes. Your feet can be close together or less than 12 inches apart, and your body should be aligned straight from your shoulders to ankles. You must bend your upper arms until they are parallel to the ground, and extend them completely when you come up. Any push-up that is not performed correctly will not be counted. 
Two minutes of sit-ups
In this section of the Basic Training Fitness Test you need to perform as many sit-ups as you can within two minutes. Proper form is as follows: Lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Your heels need to be in contact with the ground at all times (someone will hold down your ankles). Your hands must be placed behind your head with the fingers interlocked. You must raise your body to an upright vertical position and then lower your body until the backs of your hands touch the ground. Incorrectly performed sit-ups will not count. 
A timed two-mile run
The timed two-mile run is designed to measure your aerobic endurance. You will run in a small group and must stay on the designated running course. The faster you complete the run, the higher your score will be.
Basic Training Physical Fitness Test Scoring
Scores are given for each test event and you must score at least a 50 in each in order to graduate. Scoring criteria varies by age and gender. Visit the following pages to see the standards Army boot camp soldiers need to meet in order to pass Basic Combat Training:
2-Mile Run
Want to see how you compare? Use this Army PFT Calculator to calculate your score and see if you are ready to pass the Basic Training PFT!
Good luck!

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