Surprise Military Homecomings: Holiday Collection

Surprise Military Homecomings: Holiday Collection

Last updated November 21, 2022.

Are you stressed out over the holidays? Could you use an extra dose of cheer? Watch these heartwarming surprise military homecoming videos and get ready for some of the sweetest surprises caught on camera. Grab the tissues and share in the joy of these happy reunions!

Surprise Military Homecomings

Meeting at the Mall

A soldier comes home from Kuwait earlier than expected and gives his family a shock at a mall.

Surprise Serenade

A Marine returns home from Afghanistan to reunite with his mom while she watches a video of him playing guitar and singing “I’ll be Home for Christmas.”

A Wish Come True

A three-year-old girl’s wish for her daddy to come home for Christmas comes true.

Reunion at the Rink

PFC Hunter Taylor comes home from Afghanistan and surprises his family at a Blackhawks game.

A Very Good Morning

A U.S. Army Captain appears on Good Morning America thinking he is going to send a holiday greeting to his fellow troops overseas, but he is actually being reunited with his family.

On-the-Job Santa Surprise

A nurse gets an on-the-job Santa surprise from her son Army Specialist Travis Ruggiero who just returned from Afghanistan.

A Welcome Home Concert

Cpl. Zack Mucha, who hadn’t been home with his family in two years, reunites with his father onstage at a holiday concert during a performance of “I’ll be Home for Christmas.”

Holiday Parade Homecoming

A family watching a Christmas parade receives an early holiday present.

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