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Customer Testimonials: Clarksville, TN

“Erica & Janissia did a fantastic job! I love Omni!”

-CPL Billy, Ft Campbell

Received July 19, 2019 in

“Amazing customer service!!! I would definitely recommend Ft Campbell Omni to anyone!!”

-SSG Damaris, Ft Campbell

Received June 20, 2019 in

“I was in a really tight situation and all of my options to help me out did not come through. It’s good to know that there is a company like Omni to help soldiers in their time of need. Thanks again!”

-SPC Johnmichael

Received February 15, 2019 in

“I have the utmost trust and respect for this company. I had purchased an item through Omni in 1987 and in 2001 they send me a refund of $300 stating that I overpaid them!! So yes I will be their client 4ever! They truly are for helping military personnel even though of us with less than excellent credit!”

-Ms. Diane

Received February 7, 2019 in