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Customer Testimonials: Clarksville, TN

“Great customer service. Loan was approved and money deposited to my Omni card extremely fast. Highly recommend.”

-PFC Brandon, Ft Campbell

Received November 9, 2020 in

“First loan, went very fast and easy. Thank you!”

-SGT Joseph, Ft Campbell

Received October 27, 2020 in

“Omni has helped us any time we were in a pinch financially. We appreciate them!”

-SSG Glenn, Ft Campbell

Received September 23, 2020 in

“For a little over 4 years, Omni has been a huge help! Not just for building my credit, but on the emergencies that hit me or when I need a financial leg up during my PCS. Thank you so much!”

-SSG Dianna, Ft Campbell

Received June 24, 2020 in