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Customer Testimonials: El Paso, TX

“Addy was very helpful & knowledgeable. The staff were super great to me!!! Grade A service!!!”

-SGT Jose, Ft Bliss

Received June 19, 2019 in

“Continue the outstanding service and good work.”

-Mr. Roger, Ft Bliss

Received May 23, 2019 in

“Omni rocks. Omni Financial is second to none of the other financial institutions. Omni took great care of us even though we had an existing loan with them. We were desperate due to life happenings that are typically unforeseen. This time our plight had to do with our eldest daughter who was a service member at the time. She became a victim of spousal abuse and needed money to handle the big mess those situations generally cause. Omni helped us, again. Thank you all so very much.”

-Mr. Peter

Received April 24, 2019 in

“Omni always comes through!” The employees at Dryer Street were very friendly & professional!”

-SSG Zachary

Received January 31, 2019 in