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Customer Testimonials: Jacksonville, NC

“Great service, I have used Omni in Camp Lejeune before. A great team.”

-SSGT William

Received January 24, 2019 in

“Omni has always been there for me when I needed them. Thank you Omni, Mr. Ford, and his staff. Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you.”

-Miss Elaine

Received January 15, 2019 in

“Thank you for your support, time and effort! I’m a very satisfied customer.”

-SGT Dennis

Received January 2, 2019 in

“Omni has always taken care of me. Very professional representative and the process is always simple with no discrepancies. Definitely will refer others. Thank you. Quentin”

-Mr. Quentin

Received December 26, 2018 in