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Customer Testimonials: Jacksonville, NC

“One good thing I can say about your company and employees is its professionalism and the effort that they take to help. Since I have been dealing with Omni, there has never been a time where I have ever been told NO and I really appreciate the help when needed. Thanks, Omni and Staff.”

-Mr. Sean, Camp Lejeune

Received October 27, 2020 in

“Brianna at the Jacksonville, NC office was excellent from beginning to end. My loan took a little extra work to complete but she was empathic and poised through the entire process.”

-Mr. Lamont, Camp Lejeune

Received September 9, 2020 in

“I have never had a single issue when using Omni. Keep up the good work!”

-Mr. Dustin, Camp Lejeune

Received August 26, 2020 in

“First let me apologize for survey lateness. I thought I had mailed it off. Adriana was very professional and polite. Her customer service skills were excellent and friendly. She kept me informed through the loan process.”

-Mr. Frederick, Camp Lejeune

Received March 26, 2020 in