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Customer Testimonials: Las Vegas, NV

“You always come through when I need you.”

-SSGT Bryan, Mississippi

Received December 30, 2019 in

“I have had at least 3 loans with Omni. The customer service has always been amazing!!! It’s so easy to apply and the representatives are eager to help you with the process whether they are assigned to your case or not. Thanks, Omni!”

-Ms. Katrenna, Texas

Received November 8, 2019 in

“Thank you for providing me with a much needed loan!”

-Ms. Pamela, Florida

Received October 31, 2019 in

“I have given Omni cards to a lot of retired vets, and tell them about Omni. You people are great and outstanding in my view! Thank you!”

-Mr. Samuel, Florida

Received October 22, 2019 in