“The experience was easier and friendlier”

– Miss Lisa, Norfolk, NS

“They came through for me when I needed them. Omni does say ‘yes!’ to the military when many others said no. My wife and I lost our baby. She is in another country where they don’t accept military insurance. Her bills were out of pocket and I needed help. Omni was there for my family and I. Thank you!”

– SSGT Jeremiah, Las Vegas, NV

“Top notch professionals!”

– Mr. Rydell, Norfolk NS

“Thank you Omni for all your help. Especially Miss Jeremy! -SGT Washington”

– SGT Washington, Norfolk NS

“Great service. The representative that processed my loan’s name is Tuit at the Killeen, TX location. I thank Omni for the loan + it really helped me. I did not do a survey since this last loan, so I think it respectful to ask if this info can be passed on to this location as well. Thank you.”

– Mr. Luke, Ft Hood

“Omni is on the ball”

– SGT Dexter, Ft Bragg

“Fast friendly service”

– Mr. Fredrick, Las Vegas, NV

“I appreciate Omni and its team of professionals for being there when I needed them. I thank you all and keep up the great work, you guys are awesome.”

– Mr. Terence, Norfolk NS