Notes from Omni Customers

Notes from Omni Customers

At Omni, we understand that every one of our customers has a story. When someone calls us or walks into one of our offices, our customer service representatives are there to listen and offer a helping hand.
Some of our customers have been turned down by banks, leaving them short on the funds they need to cover important expenses like a car repair, medical bill, PCS move or unplanned travel.  The last thing service members need is financial stress and we are happy to be able to provide funding solutions that can help them resolve challenging situations.

Testimonials From Our Customers

As a company dedicated to providing excellent service, we really appreciate it when our customers let us know how our loans have relieved some of their financial concerns. Here are a few notes we have received from our customers:

“Omni said ‘yes’ when others said ‘no.’  Thanks for a second chance.”—E-5

“You guys are fabulous—I was in bind. No one else would or could come through—Omni did. I will never forget you or the very courteous staff—Thanks for the loan!” – SPC

“The Omni staff was more than willing to assist me. I considered going to other loan places but Omni really stood out to me. The process was easy. Omni saved me. I needed this loan badly. Thank you.” —Omni customer

“This place really made it easy to get the money my wife and I needed to move off post into a great new home! Thank you to all at Omni!!”—SPC

“Yes Omni. Thanks for allowing loan funding when others denied credit.”—Omni customer

“Omni took a chance on me when no one else would. I’m currently trying to pay off all my bills and I hope Omni will help me accomplish this. Thank you Omni!”— E5

We appreciate that so many of our customers shared their positive experiences with us. It is our honor to serve America’s heroes, just as they have served our country.

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