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Omni Video List

Below you can find a list of all the videos on our YouTube Page


Goodwill Videos

A Journey to Pursue Healing – a VAC Priority Medical Mission for Army MAJ Ronnie Jenning

We love to help whenever we can, watch Omni’s President help MAJ Ronnie Jenning get to the medical care he needs.

VAC Mission to Family Reunion

Omni helps bring a warrior to a family reunion when he couldn’t get there any other way – watch the story here!


Pilots and Paws Rex Mission

See another one of Omni’s puppy rescue missions.


Pilots and Paws Rescue Mission

Omni is willing to help in away way we can – including bringing rescue puppies to where they need to be!


Heroes Fly Free

Helping military personnel is what we like to do – even if it means flying them to where they need to go!



VAC Wings Wounded Warrior West

Omni helps a wounded warrior get home to her family after months away from them.


Omni Surprises Soldier

Omni surprises a wounded warrior with a trip home to see her family after months away from them.



Clarksville, TN $1 Car Wash

The $1 car wash in Clarksville, TN was a success! See how the event went in this video!


Thank you, We Appreciate you

We appreciate everything our military personnel do for us; thank you from Omni.


Omni Columbus office Interview

Watch Omni personnel from our Columbus office get interviewed on live television!


El Paso, TX $1 Car Wash

The $1 car wash in El Paso, TX was a hit! See how it went!



Financial Education

Spring Clean your Credit Score

Ways to improve your credit score!


Tips for Paying off your Credit Cards

Follow these tips to help get rid of credit card debt!


Use an Automatic Savings Plan to Help Reach Your Goals

Signing up for an automatic savings plan can help you save money in the long run!


Is Debt Consolidation Right For you

Is consolidating your debit the right route for you? Find out!

Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Start the New Year off with resolutions to save!


Good Reasons for an Installment Loan

Installment loans are all bad – find the good reasons to get one.


Use Your Tax Refund to Pay off your Credit Cards

Getting a little extra cash in your tax refund? Using it to pay off credit cards is a good idea!


Credit Repair 101 Part 1: Types of Credit

Find out the different types of credit and figure out what your credit looks like.


Get Holiday Bill Headache Relief with Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can help you worry less about your holiday bills.


Pre-Holiday Tips to Save you Money

Need to save for the holiday season? Watch these helpful tips to get you started!


Thanksgiving on a Budget

You can still have the Thanksgiving you want with the budget you have, watch this video to find out how that’s possible.

Holiday Budgeting Tips

Make sure you don’t spend all your funds in one place. Use these tips to keep your spending under control.


4 Tips for Halloween Savings

Halloween can get expensive with costumes and decorations, find out how to save despite the expenses!



Travel and Vacations

Military Hotel Discounts

Did you know that certain hotels will give military discounts? Here are some that do!

How to Save for a Vacation

Saving for a vacation can seem like an impossible task, but with tips you’ll be sure to get to your dream vacation!


Interesting Inexpensive Things to do Around Fort Lee

Tour Fort Lee with these inexpensive things to do around the base!


Military Cruise Discounts

Even cruises give military discounts – the more you know!


Summer Military Discounts

Check out this list of military discounts you can find during the summer season.




Job Hunting for Veterans

Interview Tips for Veterans Do’s and Don’t

Interviews can be stressful – use these do’s and don’t’s to help you land that job!


Your Job Search Shouldn’t Take a Summer vacation

Even though it’s summer, doesn’t mean the job searching should stop – keep your motivation up!


How to Use Linkedin for your Job Search

LinkedIn can be a useful tool for anyone looking for a job – find out how to use it to better fit your job needs.


Global Companies that Hire Veterans

Did you know that some companies hire veterans? See some of the ones that do in this video.


Top Colleges for Veterans

College is an important educational step, use this list to help pick the right school for you!



Military Child Care and Wellness

Military Child Care Assistance

Finding a babysitter can be difficult, watch this video to find out military child care assistance that suits you.


Free Homework Help for Military Kids

Schools want kids to succeed, and this will allow kids of military families get the help they may need.


Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Be sure to eat all your fruits and veggies – find out which ones are in which season!

Save Money on School Supplies

School supplies can get expensive, find out how you can save when you’re shopping at for school.


Avoid Colds this Winter

Be sure to wash your hands! When flu season is upon us it is important to take precautions to stay health.



Pet Care

Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer can be dangerous for pets with the rising temperatures. Be sure to follow these tips to make sure your pet is safe this summer.

Tips for Saving on Pets

Pets can rack up bills and expenses quickly, but you don’t have to sacrifice the bond with your pet because of your budget.

3 Types of Service Dogs

Every service dog serves a unique purpose, find out the three different types of service dogs.



Other Videos

Celebrate Fathers Day

Father’s are an important part of our lives. Celebrate yours today.


Celebrate Mothers Day

Mother’s are an important part of our lives. Celebrate yours today.


Battle of the Brackets

Watch this informational video on our Battle of the Brackets contest!


Military Benefits You May Not Know About

Do you know all the military benefits out there? Most likely not, watch the video to discover the ones you may not know about!

Military Genealogy

Find out if you have military genealogy with these helpful tips to discovery!


Use Social Media as Your Holiday Helper

Use Social Media as more than just a social site – use it to help you get ready for the holidays with these tips!


How to Transition Summer Clothes into Fall Outfits

The period between fall and summer is the hardest when choosing what to wear – too hot; too cold. Find out how to make the transition easier!

Military Care Packages

The do’s and don’t’s of sending military care packages. Ensure that everything gets there safely!


VAC Hero Flight 2016

Omni was an honored guest at the Hero Flight of 2016, watch this video to see some pictures from the event!


Gifts that Give Back

Watch this video to see places that give back with your purchase this holiday season. What better way to buy a gift than to donate with your purchase?

Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Is your data running out too quickly or becoming too costly? Find out how to reduce your data footprint.


Hurricane Matthew Relief Resources

Hurricane Matthew was devastating –


Hall of Fame Baseball Players who Served in  WWII

Did you know these baseball players served in the military? You do now!


Military Appreciation Days

Watch this video on Military Appreciation Days!